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"I met Hobart a few years ago when he came to work at the Greenville County Sheriff's Office. I immediately noticed his care and compassion for others. As his supervisor, I was impressed with his natural ability to lead and inspire others. As time went on the thing I became most inspired by was his servant's heart.

There is great reward in serving others but very few people ever come to know the value of such reward. To serve another, one must have great humility and kindness. I believe a great leader must be humble and have the desire to serve others. They must be able to recognize problems and know the solutions for solving those problems. They must be able to inspire others through their own actions. They must be able to effectively communicate and implement their vision. They must be able to set the example for all to follow.

It is for these reasons and my personal convictions that led me to resign my position, as a Sergeant, with the Greenville County Sheriff's Office after 15 years of service with that agency to fully support the person that exemplifies all the qualities I have spoken of.

There are few times in life when one would have the opportunity to take a stand for such a great cause because it is the right thing to do. I am proud to take that stand and I am honored to support a man who leads his life by faith with the support of his family, Hobart Lewis."

Dale Silver Spartanburg, SC

"I want to start out by saying that this is not only an endorsement for the chief lawman position but also an endorsement for the chief lawgiver and law keeper, Christ Jesus. The more that I have thought about what Hobart and Dale are doing the more I see their faith. Both of these men were in good, respectable positions with over half of their careers behind them and they gave it up, voluntarily, and in an act of faith put their fate and their families in God's hands. With kids at home and kids about to head off to college this is more than most men would ever think of doing at a time like this. I hope that when other people, Christian men in particular, see what you both have done it will cause them to act, die to self, live for Christ and lead their families. The decision you both have made I know was extremely difficult and not taken lightheartedly. With money now tighter than normal I know that you are both leaning on Him for support and I want you both to know that it encourages me to see you walking in faith no matter what happens with this earthly election. It is now my turn to lead by faith and speak out when I witness good men doing what they feel so strongly lead to do. I hope your actions will inspire others to take that leap of faith, step out on that limb, and do what they have always dreamed of doing but never had the courage to do so. The fear of failure is a stumbling block that a lot of us just cannot overcome and it has stifled the hopes and dreams of many. I am glad to see that both of you have conquered those fears!"

GCSO Employee #1 Greenville, SC

"As I read the first letter posted to the testimonial page I realized that as a current employee at the Greenville Sheriff's Office, I would be neglectful to sit silently by. It would be wrong of me to wish for change and expect for someone else to do all the work to make it happen. It is easy to sit back and wish someone would do something to improve the Sheriff's Office. However, two individuals have taken the courageous step to make a difference for all of us. I have worked with both Hobart Lewis and Dale Silver and have seen first-hand the care and concern they have not only for the men and women of the Sheriff's Office but also for the citizens of Greenville County. Like Deputy #1, I too see the sacrifice that both these men have made by giving up successful careers that they worked hard to build so that WE might have a better future. These men have carefully prayed about God's will in this and believe that HE is the directing force in this campaign. Those current employees who support this campaign know that to do so publicly would be then end of their career as well. I appreciate the concern that Hobart has for the men and women of the Sheriff's Office and by creating this testimonial page, allows them to have a voice to express to the other deputies and citizens of Greenville County their concerns without fear of retribution.

As an employee I have seen examples of the lack of leadership currently at the Sheriff's Office and how this translates to poor morale. This in turn leads to poor customer service when deputies interact with the public on a daily basis. When critical incidents happen and employees are involved, they desire and deserve to feel important. When they are ignored and never even visited or talked to about the incident it leads to a feeling of insignificance. A true leader leads by example and shows appreciation to his employees more than once a year. I know that personally, I look forward to having someone in the Office of Sheriff that is truly concerned about each and every employee and citizen, and expresses that appreciation to them. I truly believe that Hobart exemplifies these characteristics. I have seen selfless acts first hand that both these men have made in serving those around them. I have seen both Hobart and Dale do work for others and refuse payment because it was a way for them to give back to those around them. I'm sure neither of these two would want these things publicized because they did not do it for the praise. It is a testament to their character and their commitment to those they come into contact with.

As Hobart mentioned, there needs to be true change that reflects the values he expressed in his letters to both the citizens and employees on his webpage. When I first heard that Hobart was running I was excited, not just because there was a chance of something different, but because there IS a possibility of real, genuine, true change that will make a positive difference. Anyone could run for Sheriff and say they will bring change, but when I read the information posted on this website I realized that Hobart will bring about the change that is needed here at the Sheriff's Office. He is genuine and has a true desire to make a positive working environment for everyone here. I also saw the reason he was running was selfless and that it's not because he wants to be Sheriff, it's because he wants to give the employees every opportunity they deserve to succeed.

After reading this website and thinking about what was said, I realize that we as employees can't pass this opportunity up. Not only am I an employee of the Sheriff's Office but I am also a citizen of Greenville County. I have responded to numerous calls for service where I have had to apologize to my fellow citizens for my response time. Sometimes they have waited two or three hours for a response because Uniform Patrol was not adequately staffed. It is not the men who determine the organization of the Sheriff's Office that have to respond to a call, only to get out of their car and be immediately met by an angry citizen because of response time. It is the men and women who are running call to call that don't have time to eat because they are working on a shift that has half the deputies that a full shift should have. When I look at Hobart's plan for the Sheriff's Office I see that he has put many months of planning into making sure that manpower needs are met, employees are truly cared about and are shown that the sacrifices they make do not go unnoticed. He has also made sure that the citizens are also taken care of by efficiently serving their needs.
br/> There are so many things that could be addressed here, but the main point I want to make is that I feel that this may be the only opportunity we have of this magnitude. The election is a time when we have the ability to choose who we think is best fit for this office. As employees and citizens we have been presented two selfless men who are sacrificing more than most of us would ever think of giving up to give us the opportunity to make the Greenville County Sheriff's Office the best law enforcement agency possible. The only way that is possible is for those of us, myself included, to contribute. I would encourage each of you who reads this that if you are unsatisfied with the way things currently are then this is your chance to make a difference. It is easy to complain about things and then sit back and hope someone will do something about it. Well, from what I have seen, two people have done something about it by taking a stand so that they might be able to give back to us. However, they can't do it alone so I ask that if you feel the same that you will support them by posting to this testimonial, getting the word out to friends and family, and contributing monetarily. Then, when the time comes, please Vote.

Lastly, I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to Hobart Lewis and Dale Silver. Your acts of kindness have not gone unnoticed and your courageous stand has already made a positive impact. May God bless you and your families as you continue in HIS will."

GCSO Employee #2 Greenville, SC

"I worked with Hobart for several years at GCSO. When he was on duty, you knew something exciting was going to happen and you were guaranteed to laugh. I never saw him meet a stranger. He talked to everyone as if he was their best friend. I had considered leaving the agency, but Hobart reassured us there was hope. I'm proud to call him my friend and would be honored to call him my Sheriff."

GCSO Employee #3 Greenville, SC

"I wanted to type a quick note of encouragement in your run for Sheriff of Greenville Co. As a former dispatcher from GCSO, I greatly appreciate your platform and the changes you want to make at GCSO. I saw first hand the "good ole boy" system that you talk about and can tell you from first hand experience that many current employees would like a welcome change. In my time at GCSO, I met some of the most qualified and caring people and still maintain those relationships to this day. However, many in the "higher offices" have become extremely comfortable and are not willing to listen to the suggestions that some on the "front lines" have to offer. To be honest, a change at the leadership level is exactly what GCSO needs to move forward into the future. Feel free to post this email on your website or other social media outlets, but please keep my identity anonymous. If there is anything I can do to help, please feel free to have someone from the campaign contact me. I have lots of campaign experience working in South Carolina and would be happy to help in any way.

Thank you and keep up the good work!!"

GCSO Employee #4 Greenville, SC

"What is a leader? Someone who sacrifices themselves for the greater good. A good leader must be one who is humble. A good leader must be one who is willing to learn. A leader doesn't think he knows it all but rather knows that there is always things for him to learn and ways for him to grow. I mention these things about leadership because I feel that we need good leadership at the Sheriffs office. Right now we are lacking leadership. I am married to a Greenville County deputy and see these things first hand. I see the low morale and discouragement due to poor leadership. This low morale and lack of leadership is everyone's responsibility, but good leadership should start at the top of the chain of command. When that is not present it trickles down and affects everyone. We need a leader, at the top, who cares for his deputies. I firmly believe that Hobart Lewis is that man. He is humble, caring, and compassionate. He has seen and worked for the poor leadership and sees the opportunity to change that. We must not sit by and allow our deputies to experience this lack of leadership. We must, as citizens, step up and help change the Sheriff's office. I know Hobart personally. He's a man that once you meet, you will immediately like! He's always smiling and he's genuine! He is sacrificing of himself to run for sheriff because he truly believes that there needs to be a change in our current leadership! He sees the problems, not only the internal problems but also the problems that are trickling into the community due to this lack of leadership. He has a heart for the community and wants the change that will better our community.

I am excited to see just how great our Sheriff’s office will be once Hobart is elected!!!"

GCSO Employee Spouse #1 Greenville, SC

"I believe it is time for a new Sheriff in Greenville County. Sheriff Steve Loftis has made many promises in the years I have worked for him but has followed through on very few of them. A few years ago Sheriff Loftis came into our roll call informing us that he was adding more members (i.e. major/captain positions) to his command staff. He stated one of the reasons for the additions was to be more visible to uniform patrol deputies and he promised to do so. I waited and wondered when the Sheriff would come out on a weekend and help answer calls. As a uniform patrol deputy at the time I looked forward to this but I was disappointed. Sheriff Loftis also promised to be heard on the radio backing up deputies on calls for service. This has yet to happen and in my years at the Sheriff’s Office I have never heard the Sheriff on the radio or witnessed Sheriff Loftis back up a deputy on a call for service. The continual lack of leadership is disheartening and disappointing. Uniform Patrol is the most important division of the Sheriff’s Office. It is the most visible representation of the Sheriff’s Office. The deputies in Uniform Patrol deserve a Sheriff who will not make empty promises but will continually show support and respond to the needs of Uniform Patrol and not just make an appearance once a year to hand out challenge coins or only put on his uniform during election season. Sheriff Loftis is continually absent as a voice to the most visible representation of the Sheriff’s Office and uses the hard work of Uniform Patrol to promote himself.

Sheriff Loftis does not take the time to know his deputies personally. I spent more time on one call talking to the Sheriff of a nearby county that I have ever spent talking to Sheriff Loftis in the all years I have worked for him.

For these reasons Hobart Lewis deserves to the next Greenville County Sheriff. I have worked with Hobart in the past and have learned from and appreciated his concern and care while handling calls for service. Hobart truly cares about the men and women at the Sheriff’s Office and has brilliant ideas for addressing the problems at the Sheriff’s Office. Greenville County needs a change. Hobart Lewis is the answer."

GCSO Employee #5 Greenville, SC


I am a former deputy with the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office. I am writing to tell you a little about my experiences with that office, and why I think Hobart should be elected the next Sheriff of Greenville County.

I came to the Sheriff’s Office in 2001, from a neighboring agency in a neighboring county. I went to work in the patrol division, as new hires do, but I was not an inexperienced LEO. Prior to coming to the SO, I had worked in patrol division, criminal investigations, traffic division, directed patrol, and dispatch. I was one course from being a SC Traffic Officer, which includes traffic collision reconstruction, a training commitment of approximately 2 months away from my family, plus practical experience.
But nobody cared.

I had dispatched in a combined office that dispatched county wide for 8+ public safety (police, fire, and ems) agencies.
But nobody cared.

I came to the SO with a case clearance rate of ~ 90%.
But nobody cared.

In a previous position, I had, through reinvestigating cases and documenting closed cases, raised the agencies case clearance rate from 0% to over 50%.
But nobody cared.

As a driver for the mobile command post, I got out of bed at midnight, after working 12 hours and facing another 12-hour shift, and moved and set up the mobile command post when the unit supervisor refused to answer his phone while he was on call.
But nobody cared.

During interviews for promotion, I was encouraged by my sergeant to apply for promotion. I took my list of accomplishments, and training and experiences to the review board, and presented that information to them.
They made me feel like a fool for applying for promotion.

I was injured during an arrest, because my backup officer refused to respond to assist.
But nobody cared.

I spent a year and a half at the front desk, a job that many deputies loath, because of my injury and the botched surgery for that injury. I perfected the job, and continued to investigate and prosecute cases, even though I could not leave the building.
But nobody cared.

During my last disciplinary action, the OPS investigator told me that it was obvious that the only reason the complaint was filed was in retribution for the actions of the complainant’s landlord, something completely outside the purview of the SO. My actions on the night in question provided safety for a domestic violence victim and her two small children.
But nobody cared.

(Subsequent to the investigation, I faced a one-week unpaid suspension recommended by the patrol division captain.)

Once, I was involved in a critical incident with another deputy. Fortunately, all worked out well, however there was no follow-up, no offer for counseling, or even a debriefing by any supervisor within the agency, save one man, now retired.
Other than that one sergeant who was not even in my division, nobody cared.

I could go on, but this gives you a taste of the Sheriff’s Office as it operates now. The apathy of the Sheriff and his command staff pours downhill, and affects every man and woman in the agency, sworn and unsworn. This apathy continues to pour into the county as the deputies and civilian employees try to help those they have been hired (sworn) to assist. But it is hard to do this, day in and day out, when
Nobody cares.

Before and after my time at the Sheriff’s Office, permanently injured deputies, who could not “return to full duty” remained in different divisions, in a normal capacity. I was forced into retirement, even though I requested to stay at the front desk as a permanent position, because the sheriff “couldn’t employ a deputy who was not able to return to full duty.” I was forced to retire, had to fight for my credentials as a retired deputy, and refused a retirement badge, because being medically retired, even while honorably retired, does not entitle one to that badge. You only get one of those if you’ve been there long enough.

This is a sample of how I was treated by the Sheriff’s Office, and I am only one man. To varying degrees, every deputy and civilian in the Sheriff’s Office has tasted what I have tasted at the hands of the Sheriff. It is time for a change, and Hobart Lewis is the man who will make that change, when you elect him as your sheriff."

GCSO Employee #6 Greenville, SC

"Hobart, here's a few words of support which you are free to use if you wish. Keep up the good work; I know it's not easy.

I am a former deputy of nine years with GCSO who is supporting Hobart Lewis as the next Sheriff of Greenville.

The first thing I'll state for the record is that I'm not here to bash the sitting Sheriff whom I served at the discretion of. Sheriff Loftis has served the Office and the community for over forty years; that is admirable and commands a certain level of respect. I value the time that I spent as a deputy and I appreciate the opportunity to have served alongside the fine men & women of the Sheriff's Office as well as served the community.

Second of all, my reason for leaving the Sheriff's Office was my choice, period. The men & women of GCSO also have choices. No one forced me to leave and I certainly was not fired. As a middle aged adult, I made the choice to pursue other endeavors and those who know me, know that I'm not really afraid of change. So if an individual enjoys comfort and complacency over the challenge of the unknown, who can fault them? It's safe...right? Pensions are an admirable pursuit....correct? Worth protecting even it means compromising maybe just a little bit of your value system? Oddly enough, I've always had a certain admiration for those who could stay at the same job for twenty, thirty or forty years, but that just ain't me folks. Believe me, as I approach 50, I sometime wish it was.

So I'm choosing to support Hobart not because Sheriff Loftis is bad or because I have an axe to grind, or because the other candidates are not capable; I support Hobart because, as an American, I can. Listen, who are we as a society if you can't support a candidate simply because you agree that he or she would be good for the position, the Office and the community. There comes a time for everyone when you have done all you can do and it's time for new leadership. History proves time & time again, without fail, that every leader's assignment is a temporary one. Whether your a boxer, a quarterback, a businessman or a politician; your time will come to an end either on your terms or someone else's. Does supporting someone else automatically mean that any other candidate is bad or if I don't support the candidate you want that I am somehow bad? That's ludicrous & un-American. A changing of the guard is inevitable.

I'll be honest folks, I don't really care who anyone reading this votes for, I'm just happy that we live in a place that allows us the freedom to vote. I would also venture to say that the overwhelming majority of people reading this don't give 2-cents who I vote for. Thats's good, cause I ain't no political guru. However, I am a fairly decent judge of character and I believe that Hobart represents what is good about people who have the desire to serve. I believe that he has a passion to be Sheriff for the right reasons. I believe he has the courage to do what is right & just, the leadership skills to empower others, enough humility to admit his short comings and the wisdom to surround himself with professionals who share the same mission & vision. Now here's the cool part about choices...if you don't share my beliefs about Hobart, then don't vote for him.

In closing, if you are happy where you are or if you fear change or are afraid of what someone else will say or think about you if you exercise your freedom to vote; then don't. But in doing so, please remember that as a grown, voting-aged adult you forfeit your right to complain about the repercussions of your decision. No, the world will not stop turning if Hobart isn't elected; but Greenville County sure would benefit if he was.

Hobart, thank you for your courage to pursue your passion....you've got my vote!"

GCSO Employee #7 Greenville, SC

" As a current employee of the Greenville County Sheriff’s office and have been for numerous years I have seen firsthand the current environment at the Sheriff’s Office. As a testament to the character and commitment of numerous deputies, the Sheriff’s Office overcomes a lot of the deficiencies that are present. Most of all this deficiency is the utter lack of leadership. Most people learn early on in life that true leaders inspire those underneath them to excel and be proficient employees by earning the respect and by displaying true traits of a leader. This is entirely lacking currently at the Sheriff’s Office. There is a massive disconnect between the command staff and the large working force of deputies that are working the streets, investigations etc. And if you are thinking that there might just be a few disgruntled employees leaving these testimonials you would be wrong. These feelings are present across a large majority of deputies especially those in Uniform Patrol (aka The Road). The nuts and boltsof this disconnect entails: the lack of communication going up/down and laterally from divisions; the unwillingness of the command staff to expose themselves of the true working environment; call response in today’s hectic social/political environment and animosity towards law enforcement; which have all have been previously been brought to the attention of those in the command staff and still they do nothing. How hard is it for a person of a supervisory roll to be within the same building as road deputies that they themselves work in, or visit with or ride with or even respond to a call with those younger deputies who are on the front lines of Sheriff’s Office exposure to the public. The Sheriff even created three major positions in the past several years with the justification that this would free up some of his duties that would allow him to be out into the public and to be present amongst his own Office to address issues and build relationships. i.e. Leadership. The result of these positions has been the opposite. Now we have three more supervisory positions that not many know what they actually do; where their office is located in the building; and still are not seen by the common working deputy on the road. To add further it has also created a very confusing and overlapping organizational command structure.

There is continued low morale at the bottom levels because our voices are not heard or even worse just flat out ignored. I personally have raised issues of manpower allotment on the road with no solution or relief put in place. Deputies who working in the road are extremely over worked answering more calls with fewer resources/manpower on the road. The Sheriff’s Office has amazing resources and capabilities but the structure is so lateral with the those on the road feeling the full brunt manpower shortages. This is even further exacerbated over the years when the Sheriff has been granted more deputy positions by the County Council those positions are allocated elsewhere in the SO usually being filled by deputies off the road further draining experience and overall manpower on the road. This issue has never been even remotely addressed with a plausible solution by Sheriff or his command staff. The SO continues to face year after year higher and higher call volumes being answered primarily by the same few numbers of deputies on the road of which overall manpower has not been increased for at least the timeframe that the Sheriff has been in his position for 14 years.

Speaking of 14 years, I have not in my entire time at the Sheriff’s Office have seen the Sheriff in uniform except this past month. He even carries a different non issued weapon while on duty (not in uniform) that further displays a separation from him and those under him. I haven’t even got into nor have the space to address the issue Compaction Pay, or the simple supply/equipment issues that further drag morale down.

I realize that every department will have its issues. Some of the issues that the SO faces today can be easily fixed if someone could make the tough but correct decisions. In summary, there is complete lack of leadership; a lack of a goal oriented well organized and managed team all working to achieve the same mission: to serve the citizens of Greenville county in the best way possible.

That is why I was thoroughly excited when I heard Hobart Lewis was running for Sheriff. Not only does he have an intimate knowledge of the current needs of Sheriff’s Office but he also has the most recent knowledge of anyone running for Sheriff and knows exactly what needs to be fixed. I have known Hobart through the years as a man of integrity and strong character, but more importantly I know him as a person who takes a reasonable and sensible approach to issues and problems. I know him as a person who would absolutely be able to make a positive change and the much needed change that the current deputies deserve and that Greenville County citizens deserve. He has absolutely demonstrated that he has a plan to fix the many issues currently plaguing the SO.

Hobart Lewis has my respect, my support and my vote!"

GCSO Employee #8 Greenville, SC

" Hey, Hobart! I hope this message finds you well! I've been following you in the debates and online, and I love what I'm hearing and seeing! We worked the streets together, and I truly believe your heart is in the right place. I only wish that I could place a vote for you in Greenville county! I wanted to write a letter, and let you know to feel free to share it. If not, that's fine, but I want to do what I can to help you. People need to hear your message, and our brothers need your leadership. Best of luck and God bless, my friend!

My name is Ronnie Suber. I, like many others, worked in law enforcement and had the pleasure of serving with Hobart. I left the Sheriff's office in 2014, ending a ten year career. I was not fired, nor was I pressured into resigning. I left of my own accord, and on what most would consider "good terms".;

There were many different variables that played into my decision to leave the Sheriff's office and, ultimately, law enforcement, with the most important being a career to better support my family. (I now work in healthcare, which still allows me to serve others. You see, those of us who get into law enforcement do it out of an innate urge to help others...plain and simple.) There were, however, issues within the sheriff's office that soured my love of "being a cop" and attributed to my decision to leave.

First, I'm gonna say this: I live in Pickens county, so most would say I don't have a dog in this fight, but my brothers who are still working day in and day out...under appreciated and underpayed...are in need of change and true leadership. I am attempting to help give them a voice, because, despite what anyone may say, they cannot speak their mind and/or concerns without fear of retribution.  I've experienced it firsthand. I can't tell you how many times I heard, "Be careful what you say or who you talk to if you want to be promoted or even continue to work here." I saw it as ridiculous. There are far too many deputies afraid to do their jobs and contemplating leaving their career because of the atmosphere set forth under the current administration.

There were several things that stick out in my mind as important for the voters to know. First, in three years, I saw the sheriff in my roll call twice. That's right...ONLY TWO TIMES. In 1,095 days, the sheriff came to speak to his men only twice. I can count on one hand how many times I actually saw the sheriff, and one of those times was during my swearing in as a deputy. The deputies at GCSO deserve better. The sheriff told us that he was going to "get behind us", and "see what we were dealing with", and "come out and ride beside us". Sadly, this never happened. Not once. The sheriff became a figure that was merely spoken of as a source of intimidation. It became commonplace that, if you were going to see the sheriff, it was because you were losing your job. Men should not fear their leaders, but should respect them.

Second, Hobart is also right when he refers to the sheriff not showing up for work. His parking space and vehicle are clearly known and marked, and there were days upon days in which it sat empty. How can a man intrusted to lead and protect so many not even show up for work? It still baffles me to this day. People, your sheriff is not doing what you elected him to do. He can't if he's not even in his office.

Third, the voters need to know that they are being misinformed when Sheriff Loftis speaks on community safety and available law enforcement units. I'll provide an example: There was a specific inquiry during my tenure at GCSO when the news was covering citizens' concerns that there was a large delay in response time of calls for service. Sheriff Loftis was quoted in the paper as saying that, at any given time, there were twenty or more units working in the westside of the county alone. The sheriff, like a true politician, was not lying per se. You see, when one counts the detective units, community service units, and traffic division, along with the road deputies, there are indeed many deputies "on-duty." The issue is that the only ones who respond to your calls to 911 are the road deputies from uniform patrol. On the entire westside of the county, which is where I worked for three years, there were only seven deputies, at most, available to assist citizens at any given time. That's seven guys to work from Grove Rd/Whitehorse Rd to the North Carolina state line past Ceasar's Head. (Personnel attrition was/is to blame for this as the sheriff's office cannot, currently, retain valuable deputies.) We were in disbelief at the Sheriff's statements, but were told that we should not say anything to go against what had been told to the media. The voters and citizens of Greenville County deserve better. They deserve honesty and integrity and someone they can trust.

I truly believe that Hobart Lewis' heart is in the right place. I've answered calls alongside him and seen the way he interacts with the community. He cares, and not only for the people but for the deputies and employees of Greenville County, as well. Greenville County, and my brothers still wearing the badge, need a true leader. Unfortunately, what has "worked" for the past decade is no longer working. Every so often, change is required to benefit society...and that is what Greenville County needs. In times past, it was common knowledge that a man's word and handshake were enough to know that he was going to keep his word and do his best. Hobart is that man. I trusted him, literally, with my life, and I assure you that you can trust him to serve Greenville County. Vote Hobart in June and give Greenville County a real leader."

Ronnie Suber Greenville, SC

" Greenville friends: I cannot tell you how important the upcoming election for sheriff is for our county. The current sheriff must NOT be re-elected. He only looks out for himself and his friends. His command staff is filled with yes men. My husband has worked for him for 8 years. I have never been given the opportunity to meet or interact with the Sheriff. The Sheriff has never taken the time to get to know my husband or our family. My husband has introduced himself several times to Sheriff Loftis, but I assure you, Sheriff Loftis would not know he was a deputy if the Sheriff saw him in plain clothes. The first time my husband ever saw Steve Loftis in uniform was last month.

There is a reason there are FOUR former deputies challenging Steve Loftis. They know that an internal change is urgent before the good deputies will give up and move on. Please do NOT assume that a vote for Loftis is a vote in support of local law enforcement. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I will be voting for Hobart Lewis on June 14. I hope you will too."

GCSO Spouse #2 Greenville, SC