Letter to Residents

Dear residents of Greenville County,

I am a husband, father, son, brother, and fellow Greenville County resident, and I ask myself, what should we expect from our government? While a law enforcement officer and employee of the Greenville County Sheriff's Office, I asked more specifically, what should we expect of and be receiving from the Greenville County Sheriff's Office?

As a member of the Greenville County Sheriff's Office with an understanding of its current environment, I quickly realized that we are not getting what we should expect from that agency. This is due to ineffective leadership, inefficient allocation of manpower and resources, and the lack of concentration on community service and partnership.

My conclusions and much prayer have led me to focus my attention on these needs and to commit to run for the office of Sheriff of Greenville County.

Law enforcement is a much-needed function of government. The enforcement of law along with the protection of citizens is the primary responsibility of law enforcement. Equally important is the responsibility to serve our community. Law enforcement is given a huge platform and opportunity to fulfill this role.

We should expect a quality of service from the Sheriff's Office that exceeds all expectations on every level. This includes the response time to calls for service, the quality of customer service provided by the Sheriff's Office, the training and knowledge of the Sheriffs Office personnel, and the performance of serving our community.

In order to provide this quality of service, one needs to have a working knowledge of the operations of the Greenville County Sheriff's Office and understand what changes need to be made along with establishing the proper effective leadership. There are drastic changes that must take place in the structure, allocation of resources, and working environment within the Sheriff's Office in order to progress and provide the best service possible to the residents and visitors of Greenville County.

I know and understand these issues. I also know and understand the solutions that are necessary to solve these problems and make the Greenville County Sheriffs Office the premier law enforcement agency in the country by providing the most effective and efficient law enforcement services possible.

The men and women of the Greenville County Sheriff's Office need a leader to work alongside them, leading them in a direction of committed service to our community. Deputies need to partner with our community to build strong relationships that allows the Sheriff's Office to be a committed partner in the secured growth of our county. We must also educate our citizens on law enforcement functions to provide an understanding of our services and ensure we are providing the best services possible.

Just as serving in law enforcement is a life calling for most of those who do it, it is certainly true in my case. I look forward to working with each of you and look forward to a partnership that strengthens our community. I ask for your support in helping to elect me to the office of Sheriff of Greenville County so that the platform of the Greenville County Sheriff's Office can be used to better serve our community.

Dedicated to serve,

Hobart Lewis

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