Letter to Employees

Dear GCSO employees,

A few years ago I joined many of you at the Greenville County Sheriffs Office. During my time at the Sheriff's Office, I have listened to many of your concerns and desires. I recognize and directly understand the sacrifices you and your families make each and every day. I have heard what you have said and look forward to a brighter future for each of you.

Along with your concerns I have also heard many concerns from our community. I know from personal experience how one encounter from a law enforcement officer can impact someone's life forever. These reasons combined with God's purpose in my life have led me to the decision to run for Sheriff of Greenville County.

I do not take this responsibility lightly and do so with great humility as I have had many sleepless nights thinking of what I could do to have a positive and lasting impact on you and your families' lives.

As an employee of the Sheriff's Office you know first hand what changes need to come. I, like many of you, know there needs to be many changes. In order for the members of the Sheriff's Office to provide the best service possible they need to have the best working conditions and working environment possible. Many of you are overworked and underappreciated. Many of you never see the acts of appreciation but are only left to hear meaningless words.

Your job comes with many types of stresses, some of which filter into family life. It is unacceptable to suffer from stresses that are brought on through inefficiency, lack of understanding, and the lack of care by those people who reap the greatest benefits with the least amount of sacrifice.

It is time to put the focus back where it belongs: on those of you who make the daily sacrifices so that you can provide the best service possible to our community. This agency is not about one person; it is about each of you working in one accord to reach your fullest potential.

I know that the success of the Sheriff's Office does not come from one individual that makes every decision concerning all those involved while being detached from the daily sacrifices made by you and your families. Success comes from YOU, the men and women of the Sheriff's Office that are on the front lines where the rubber meets the road.

It is an honor for me to take this journey. I hope you will join me in repairing our foundation and developing a positive mindset that will allow us to work hard and stay focused on serving our community to our fullest potential.

God Bless You and Your Family,

Hobart Lewis

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