Community - Vision - Leadership

Success can be accomplished with your help through a committed Community partnership, a solid Vision for the future, and strong and unwavering Leadership.


As important as it is to provide our community with the best law enforcement possible, it is also equally important to serve the community in other ways. We need to use our platform to partner with churches, schools, and businesses to build a strong community relationship. Our efforts should be focused on local needs for our citizens.


We are fortunate to have the best talent, experience, and resources available in the law enforcement arena. Through the understanding and development of these areas we will utilize them in the most productive and beneficial way possible to make the Greenville County Sheriff's Office the premier law enforcement agency in the country.


In order to influence the future one must understand the past. It is important that a Sheriff understands the needs and the issues of those he or she serves. Through my time and experience at the Greenville County Sheriff's Office I have come to know the strengths and weaknesses of the agency. I know what changes need to be made to most effectively and efficiently impact our community. More importantly, I understand it takes everyone working together for a common goal to reach success.

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